Haven of Japanese hospitality in lush surroundings

Experience The Bar KAKURE’s signature omotenashi with a combination of bespoke cocktails and refined cuisine.

Housed in a charming black-and-white colonial bungalow on Scotts Road, The Bar KAKURE is a boutique bar that brings a taste of authentic Japanese cocktail culture to Singapore.


Behind a discreet door unlocked with a secret key-code – The Bar KAKURE is an intimate space dressed in warm, elegant wood tones and brass accents, looking out to lush greenery. The decor and ambience are classic yet contemporary.

Kazuhiro Chii

Kazuhiro, born in Yokohama in 1975, initiated his bartending journey at the age of 20 at the historic Ocean Bar Chrysler. Over a decade in Yokohama’s vibrant scene endowed him with a passion for diversity and the drive to innovate. Moving on to Tokyo, he refined his craft in esteemed venues such as Hotel Okura’s Orchid bar, developing a style that fused tradition with contemporary trends and focused on precision and the use of high-quality ingredients.

In Tokyo, Kazuhiro assimilated a wide range of global influences into his distinctly Japanese approach. His bartending signature extended beyond the drinks to the service itself, characterized by elegance and personalized attention.

Kazuhiro’s expertise took him to Singapore in 2004 as the main bartender at Bar 84. His competitive spirit shone through with numerous accolades, and he later became head bartender at Waku Ghin.

His techniques reflect the discipline of Shoringi Kempo and the Japanese tea ceremony, symbolizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit. And his philosophy of hospitality, deeply rooted in “Omotenashi,” ensures each guest receives a tailored experience.

In 2021, Kazuhiro opened Bar Kakure in Singapore, a culmination of over two decades in the industry, offering a haven for those seeking the quintessence of Japanese bartending.

Harmonious Blend of Influences

New and old, Japanese and Western, Kazuhiro’s unique transitional style is a harmonious blend of influences that befits Singapore’s cosmopolitan society.

Like the ancient tea ceremony, Japanese cocktail-making is deeply rooted in precise technique and omotenashi or hospitality.

The Bar KAKURE recreates this experience as Kazuhiro personally attends to each guest, skilfully crafting classic cocktails and bespoke cocktails made with seasonal Japanese fruit.

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